Maybe it’s age. Age seems to make me more realistic and maybe a little more cynical. It could have come from a variety of things, including last year’s slog. Maybe I’ll become a Curmudgeon.

We were watching basketball last night and there is an ad from Adobe. The plot is that mom makes ice cream and kids make her start a business and it is booming. She kills it. It doesn’t fucking work that way. It annoys me that these are the ads that run to Americans. Look how easy it is! Jump in and create a consumer product that is one of the hardest companies to reach out to.

I love entrepreneurs. I supported them and am one myself. I am not employable. I know that, and I have managed it financially. It’s in my blood. I am not convinced that entrepreneurship can be taught. It is an innate understanding of the world in general with an unstoppable desire to achieve it. Risk doesn’t feel like risk. It is a present.

We should take on all kinds of careers no matter what we do. We can’t be entrepreneurs, but we all have to pay the rent. That is reality.
We live in a moment when everyone believes they can be an entrepreneur. Most of the ideas that people are working on are not new and will not be funded or successful. It is a fact.

The biggest distortion of reality these days is the media. Can’t we stop imposing this type of advertising on the public? Can’t we be socially responsible and build brands on it at the same time? I don’t want a woman to be turned into ice cream while her kids are just smiling and everything seems amazing and rosy. I want to see Adobe help others succeed with real stories, not these fake news.

It is seriously time to change the narrative and the media have tremendous control over it. Generation Z and the next generation want to see something different, not the same type of advertising that has been shown to us for decades with just different characters and different content.

If you give lipstick to a pig, it’s still a pig.


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