Hallelujah! Tim Grittani has finally released Trading Tickers 2, a sequel to one of the top rated penny stock DVDs! Many people in the day trading community are excited to see what the DVD covers and whether they should buy it! I will share with you what I have learned from it so that you can decide for yourself.

Chapter 1

What I really notice in Trading Tickers 2 is how Grittani speaks openly about some of his biggest trading mistakes. While he was trading $ 13 million a day, it hasn’t come without major setbacks, which he has shared on Twitter in the past.

Now, Grittani’s golden rule is to stick to your trading plan and not contribute to losers. He has scaled down dramatically to master risk management.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 covers some of the most frequently asked questions about trading – the best brokers, software, and apps to help you get an edge. It also explains how to use the basics to make reasonable trades on a daily basis.

Chapter 3

This is where Grittani cracks the spreadsheets and shows how he uses them to track data and optimize trading strategies. Loyal followers will know he’s a big nerd when it comes to tracking data and using stats to improve your chances of success with setups.

Chapter 4

In this section he reviews and updates every strategy that was revealed in the original trading tickers. Tim also gets a bit wild and does 7 live trading demonstrations on how he is improving these processes.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 describes how he set a losing strategy by adjusting his risk management, as well as 7 live trades that follow these new rules.

Chapter 6

Oh that’s a good thing, Tim Grittani shares a new technical strategy for overnight trading that walks you through a detailed breakdown of the setup criteria he’s looking for.

Chapter 7

At the end of the DVD, the training continues. He breaks out his favorite method of getting into stocks at the right time when they’ve fallen with all of the pattern setups broken down in detail. It can be difficult to follow at times. It is highly recommended that you take another look at it to drill the information into your head.

Chapter 8

The final section involves digging into more data, shock. He talks about how his data repository helped improve his trading in a well-known trading setup.

Review of B The Story


No doubt the first thing you did when reading the sales page was checking the cost. The early bird price is $ 997 and the price will rise significantly at midnight on Thursday, February 11th. $ 997 is a high price to pay for an educational course in these troubled times. He doesn’t particularly like the way he uses this tactic to increase sales and get people to buy in fear of missing out on a sale.

I’m not 100% sure, but Trading Tickers could be part of Tim Sykes’ Millionaire Challenge Program. You may receive an email from Sykes if you are part of their circle of insiders.

To save money, it may be wise to team up with a trading friend to split the cost of the DVD. $ 498.50 is a bit more digestible. Overall, it’s an excellent DVD and an opportunity to learn from the world’s best penny stock trader.


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