Timothy Sykes is a penny stock trader and entrepreneur with a net worth of $ 15 million as of 2021. The 39-year-old is an outspoken character known in the day-trading community for making $ 6.6 million out of $ 12,000 to make with penny stocks.

Tim’s unique story and personality led him to appear on Wall Street Warriors, a reality television series with up and coming retailers on Wall Street. While filming, Sykes was fresh out of college and ran a hedge fund in his New York apartment.

The show was a cult hit, and the commercial served as a huge launch pad for Tim’s education business. After the show aired, he received hundreds of emails from people wanting to learn how to trade penny stocks. Tim now has thousands of students around the world and helped create four millionaire students.

How much does Tim Sykes earn per year?

Tim Sykes has proven himself to be an entrepreneur with multiple ventures that gross him approximately $ 4 million annually. Day trading makes him $ 250,000 a year. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, he is still making a living.

to blog

Tim Sykes started his blog in 2007 to promote his new book. The website was an instant hit, drawing over 100,000 visitors a month and becoming the number one penny stock blog. Since then, website traffic and income have continued to grow, from $ 60,000 to over $ 500,000 per month.

Its educational empire consists of DVDs and a membership service. There are currently two different monthly options: Pennystocking Silver ($ 149.95) and Tim Alerts ($ 74.95). 1,000 students paying $ 150 each month is good residual income.

Tim also runs a Millionaire Challenge program that pays a cool $ 5,000 for those serious about learning. In addition to selling products, affiliate marketing is another way for Sykes to generate income.

Book – An American Hedge Fund

To capitalize on the post-Wall Street Warriors hype, Sykes himself published a book detailing his journey to becoming a penny stock millionaire and the failure of his hedge fund. The book is interesting to read, but does not discuss in detail strategies he used to make money.

The book is currently available on Amazon for $ 20 but can be downloaded as a PDF from their website for free. I’d estimate he’s made at least $ 200,000 in book sales, and it helps keep new students going too.


Investimonials.com is another company that was founded in 2011. The website offers financial reports on brokers, chat rooms, software and newsletters. Users log in and post honest reviews of financial products they have purchased.

Since anyone can sign up and leave reviews, the website monitors the content to make sure the opinions are legitimate. Investimonials was a huge hit for Tim and acted as a massive platform to sell advertising and bring more visitors back to his website.


Profit.ly is a social trading community where like-minded traders can share ideas and review their trading performance. The community now has approximately 180,000 members. The idea for Profit.ly came after Covestor removed Sykes for trading volatile penny stocks so members couldn’t replicate the same trades.

The website has a ranking that lists the best traders in the community. Members can check the track record of talented traders.


Stockstotrade is a stock screening and charting tool designed to find new ways to trade penny stocks. Tim has invested hundreds of thousands in developing the software.

Like all top screening tools, it’s expensive. There are currently two payment options: $ 179.95 per month or $ 1899.50 per year. Stockstotrade.com is still a high cost start-up so I doubt the company is making any profitable profit.


With a personal net worth of $ 15 million, he can afford to live in a mansion and drive around in a Lamborghini. Below is a video of a huge mansion he rented in Miami for a year.

Sykes is an avid traveler and has explored more than 100 countries. His Instagram account shows off all the exotic places to inspire his 1,000,000+ followers, all of whom are jealous of his ridiculous lifestyle. He could make a lot more money sitting in front of three monitors, but he prefers to spend it in luxury resorts like Bali, Greece or the Maldives.

Under deck

Over the years, Tim has appeared on numerous reality TV shows to promote himself. In the second and fifth seasons he was a guest on Below Deck twice. The reactions on social media have been mostly negative as the show has been heavily edited to make Sykes appear arrogant and selfish. To be honest, sometimes he didn’t help himself. Captain Lee hated Sykes for withdrawing a $ 5,000 tip.

Is Timothy Sykes Married?

Timothy Sykes was once engaged to Bianca Alexia Wilson and they are no longer together. Tim does not have time for relationships as he is fully dedicated to educating students to the best of his ability.


Timothy Sykes is a talented day trader and entrepreneur who built an online empire that made him a multimillionaire. Making millions every month means he can afford to live the lifestyle everyone dreams of.

Love him or hate him, Tim is a fun person who makes trading less boring. There are dozens of educators online selling courses, but very few have the skills to make finance interesting. I would guess that 25% of his net worth was made through day-to-day business, while the rest was accrued from selling educational products.


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