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The TSX 60 Index is a stock market index of the 60 largest companies that are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Because the Canadian stock market is heavily weighted against major financial institutions and energy companies, the TSX is an appropriate measure of the performance of Canadian stocks. It’s also a great place to look for investment ideas.

You can download a database of the companies within the TSX 60 (along with relevant financial metrics such as dividend yields and price / earnings ratios) by clicking the link below:

The TSX 60 stock listing available for download above contains the following information for each security in the index:

  • Stock price
  • Dividend yield
  • Market capitalization
  • Price-performance ratio

All financial information in the database is in Canadian dollars. Read on to learn more about maximizing the performance of the TSX 60 stock list.

How to Use the TSX 60 Stock Listing to Find Investment Ideas

An Excel spreadsheet with the names, tickers, and financials for each stock in the TSX 60 index can be extremely useful.

This document will even more powerful combined with basic knowledge of using Microsoft Excel to implement rudimentary investment screens.

With that in mind, the following tutorial will show you how to implement a useful investment screen for the TSX 60 stock listing.

Excel Spreadsheet Screen Tutorial: TSX 60 Stocks at P / E <20 und Dividendenrenditen> 2%

Step 1: Download the TSX 60 stock listing by clicking here.

S.Step 2: Set the table columns to be filtered.

Filter columns

Step 3: Change the filter setting for the P / E ratio to find securities with a P / E ratio between 0 and 20. This will filter out stocks with a negative P / E ratio that are due to negative earnings, as well as stocks with a P / E ratio of 20 or more.

PE between 0 and 20

Step 4: Change the dividend yield filter setting to find stocks with dividend yields greater than 2%.

Dividend yield over 2 percent

The remaining stocks in this table are constituents of the TSX 60 index with a price / earnings ratio below 20 and dividend yields above 2%.

To wrap up this article, let’s share with you other Sure Dividend resources that you can use to improve the quality of your investment due diligence.

Final thoughts: other resources for dividend growth

The TSX 60 Index contains the 60 largest companies that are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Due to its exclusivity, it does not contain all of Canadian stocks.

For investors looking to get some Canadian exposure to their investment portfolios, we recommend browsing the broader S & P / TSX Composite Index.

Additionally, we’ve covered various aspects of investing in the Canadian market in the following articles:

Alternatively, you can search these databases and find that investing in international stocks is not for you. Sure Dividend offers a number of stock market index databases that are only available domestically. You can access any of these databases below:

Sure Dividend has also created databases of domestic stocks by sector that we update weekly. These industry-specific exchange resources can be accessed below:

Our final group of stock exchange databases contains securities that meet certain requirements in terms of dividend payment plans, dividend yields, company history or legal structure. Think of this as a panacea for the Sure Dividend databases that don’t mix well with our other resources:

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