Invent Health with Dr. Archana Dubey and Bambi Francisco Roizen; Episode 4

Invent Health’s weekly podcast with Dr. Archana Dubey and Bambi Francisco Roizen is the only weekly podcast that breaks down the week’s latest digital health news and what it means to patients, providers, and payers (or whoever pays). Plus, a deep dive into a specific topic to help listeners understand how innovation is changing the health paradigm.

This week they discuss: Virta raises $ 133 million and gets a $ 2 billion market valuation; What’s behind the behavioral health business boom was not just mental health, but chronic illnesses as well. Accolade to buy PlushCare for $ 450 million. What’s the boom behind the consolidation between primary care companies that cover or handle about 20 percent of health care costs and secondary care organizations (specialists who deal with more serious illnesses). They also talk about mask relaxation guidelines! Plus, this week’s deep dive is about the COVID vaccines. 138 million people in the US or nearly 42 percent of the population have received at least one dose of a vaccine. Just over 93 million people are fully vaccinated, which is 28 percent of the US population. (On from 15% fully vaccinated March 29, 2021) according to CDC – N.In the beginning 32 million people were infected, they have natural immunity – that’s another 10% of the population. There are some 3 million daily Vaccinations (slowing down) with 60,000 new cases every day. Are we already on herd immunity? Some doctors already believe it. Should children be vaccinated? Studies show that the flu leads to more hospitalizations and deaths, and the risk of children transmitting COVID is very low.

Editor’s Note: On May 19, we are hosting the Future of Mental and Behavioral Health 2021 virtual event. We will become senior VCs and C-level executives from leading mental and behavioral companies like BetterHelp from Teladoc, Amwell, Doctor on Demand, Kaiser Have Permanente, Bessemer Ventures and others.


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