Seeing smart, artistic, and articulate leaders rise to the top of any industry is a breath of fresh air for those with left-wing or even moderate views. Not so much for the Trumpians. You see nothing of yourself in these guides. I find it hard to wrap my head around the Trump crowd. The only Trumpians I have are wealthy people who don’t want to pay taxes, although I find it repulsive.

Seeing Amanda Gorman on the cover of Vogue and watching black leaders come to the fore of every conversation is a breath of fresh air against anger on the Capitol steps. Now I understand it more than ever.

Unfortunately, many GOP leaders are poisonous and ignite the fuel that is setting a deep line of division in our country. Unclear what they stand for other than power, and they’re pretty good at speaking with anger. Anger comes from a variety of things; Lack of opportunities and education. Many see their children leave the nest and their cities and not stay at home. It’s a false belief that things were better in the past, but the reality is that this was a slow crescendo, probably around 400 years. The people who have been overlooked and find they are not going back to the system. A lot of these people didn’t go to college. Their jobs are being replaced and the cost of living is not easy.

The Trumpians are fighting to have their voices heard through anti-vaccination, blaming terrorists and illegal immigrants for their problems. It’s all about distrust. The people who have stepped in to represent them only feed on them and take advantage of them so that they can be in power. It’s all so terrible. The Republican Party has got lost in greed and power, using people who have been ignored and undervalued to prop it up with rhetoric and anger. Nothing good comes from them. Agreeing not to agree can often be beneficial. Where did that go?

When I see the many intellectuals and new leaders I greet on the covers of magazines and talk shows, I understand the anger now more than ever. Suppose you can’t imagine connecting with them or viewing them as a role model fueling an underlying frustration.

The saddest part of it all is that the people who pretend to be their leader say he understands her death is Trump. The greatest snake oil seller ever. The fire he created is difficult to put out.


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