TSM is in a sweet spot. It is one of the few manufacturers of chips in shortage worldwide, particularly in the automotive industry. TSM is a true manufacturer supplying chips for several semiconductor companies that have turned to outsourcing their manufacturing needs.

The stock is already up 25% this year as it supports the 20-day moving average. In fact, the stock has closed just one day below this trendline since early November. Stocks pulled back this week but found support again on the 20-day Friday. With strong support and a full production pipeline, TSM seems unstoppable. And we take a bullish position on a pullback.

TSM Chart February 2021 - rally continues

TSM Chart February 2021

If you’re fine for TSM’s rally to continue, consider the following trade, which has the stock staying above $ 135 for the time to expire in four weeks.

Buy to open TSM 19MAR21 130 Put (TSM210319P130)
Sale to open TSM 19MAR21 135 Put (TSM210319P135) for $ 2.00 credit (sale of a vertical)

This credit is $ 0.05 below the midpoint of the options spread when TSM was trading near $ 137. If the stock doesn’t recover quickly from here, you should be able to get close to that amount.

Your commission on this trade is only $ 1.30 per spread. Each spread would then be $ 198.70. This will reduce your purchasing power by $ 500 and your investment by $ 301.30 ($ 500 – $ 198.70). If TSM closes above $ 135 on March 19, both options will expire worthless and your return on the spread will be 66% ($ 198.70 / $ 301.30) or 857% on a yearly basis.

As with all investments, you should only trade options with money that you can really afford to lose.

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