There are tons of reasons to love NY, but most of all, our entertainment program is amazing. Covid decimated everything from galleries, museums, live theater, live music, and movies. We need the arts. The arts determine our time. Anything we can do to support this community is important.

Blindness at the Daryl Roth Theater is the first theater we have been to in a long time. It’s one of the first shows to open. Simon Stephens adapted the book by Jose Seragamo into a 70-minute immersive radio play. If you haven’t read Blindness, do it. It’s a phenomenal dystopian book published in 1995. He received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1998, and blindness was one of the reasons.

In a city where everyone goes blind for a short period of time, except for the woman who tells and can see the story even though she is pretending to be blind. She tells the story over 70 minutes with flashing lights and darkness through headphones that the entire audience wears. You feel immersed in history. Your voice is fascinating. I could hear a book on tape in her voice for hours.

You were required to show your vaccination card, temperatures were taken, and everyone was required to wear their mask and chairs six feet apart except next to your friends. It felt amazing to be in a theater with strangers and see a really well done live show. During the end of a global pandemic, the dystopian theater suggests that you never know what would happen.

Our next experience was the film forum. One of the gems of downtown NY. A non-profit theater that has supported independent films since 1970. We saw a movie I saw on Sundance two years ago. The truffle hunters. A documentary in Piedmont, Italy in which men over 80 are still hunting truffles as they did hundreds of years ago. It’s a beautiful film.

No popcorn yet, no soda, not even milk duds, that’s a bummer. But when I was sitting in a theater, even when there were only 6 other people there, I longed for more than when I saw a movie on the big screen.


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