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Woebot CEO Michael Evers on AI in mental health and how to get a chatbot to connect with a human

While healthcare has a reputation for moving slowly (and for good reason), some pretty big things have happened lately, including the transition to values-based care and the rise of digital health, which is giving in more control over health the hands of the patient. One of the most exciting trends since the beginning of last year is the trend...

How To Analyze Growth Stocks: Ultimate Guide

contentsAnalysis of growth stocks is paramount to successful investors.Growth investing is the art of investing in stocks of emerging companies as these can generate impressive returns.However, growth stocks are from untried companies that often involve significant risk rather than focusing on dividends.Hence, investors must conduct serious and thorough due diligence when it comes to investing in...

A Beginner’s Guide to Options on Futures

Chances are, you know about options. You may also have heard of futures. But have you heard of futures options?Futures options can sometimes offer traders the best of both worlds for certain products.This article will break down what futures options are. We will then examine some of the benefits and times to use...

Bipin Mistry, Chief Medical Officer at Transcarent, on the VatorNews podcast

Transcarent offers a consumer-centric health and care experience for employees ...

Current stock market news & events: 07/30/2021

The month of July ends today with the labor cost index, personal income, consumer spending and core inflation data. Chicago's purchasing managers' index (PMI) will also close the week. The following...

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