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Dividend Investing vs. Real Estate Investing

Updated July 29, 2021 by Bob Ciura Investing is about getting the highest possible return while minimizing risk. Of course, there are many avenues that investors can take to achieve this goal. Two of the most common ways people invest are in the stock market and real estate. Dividend stocks versus real estate is a complex topic that...

SonderMind makes $ 150 million as teletherapy goes mainstream

The company's sales increased 400% last year ...

Rebecca Egger, CEO of Little Otter, on the VatorNews podcast

A Family-Based Approach to Child Mental Health Support K-12 ...

Monthly Dividend Stock Spotlight: Vermilion Energy

Updated July 28, 2021 by Bob Ciura Oil prices will rise in 2021 after a prolonged downturn in recent years. The coronavirus pandemic had a significant negative impact on oil prices in 2021. Vermilion Energy (VET) struggled with many of its competitors. Stocks have lost more than three quarters of their value in the past five years. ...

What are market makers and how do they affect the stock market?

Have you ever wondered who or what makes the stock market run so smoothly? The answer: market maker.Most traders don't normally think of market makers. But understanding how they work is more important than you might think.They do a lot to keep the stock market active. They are often the reason our orders are fulfilled as...

Selling Puts For Income – The Best Guide You Will Find

Today we look at selling puts for income.We discuss the procedure, the expected returns and the risks.Enjoy!contentsIn a world where global returns are zero or even negative, the search for income is becoming more common.For investors who are about to retire and are looking for steady sources of income, this can be a challenge.In the fixed...

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