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H & R REIT – A stable high return

H&R REIT is one of Canada's largest fully diversified real estate mutual funds. The company has an interest in a portfolio of assets that includes office, retail, industrial and residential real estate spanning 41 million square feet in North America. As one of Canada's largest REITs, H&R has assets of $ 13.4 billion. It's an...

Success in venture capital as an introvert

How a year of virtual life made me appreciate people more When I tell people that I'm an introvert, the reactions split into two camps. For those who know me well, it's pretty much "yes, duh." But to those who have only been exposed to me in public places or online, it's usually more surprising that a...

One year diversified leveraged anchor trading blog

Historically diversified portfolios outperform concentrated portfolios with lower risk and lower volatility over time. The simple reason for such results is that different asset classes perform differently from year to year: Regardless of which asset you picked from the table above, it would do comparatively well in some years and not as well in others. ...

51 Dual Listed Stocks – Better Invest

As a Canadian, I held two publicly traded stocks on the US stock exchange to build US funds to earn dividends in US dollars. If currency exchange is not at the same level, this is a way to generate cash in US dollars. Mostly when the dividend paid is already in US dollars.The process of transferring...

Carlson Capital’s 132-stock portfolio: Top 10 holdings analyzed

Updated April 16, 2021 by Nikolaos Sismanis Founded in 1993 by Clint Carlson, Carlson Capital, LP is an alternative wealth management hedge fund based in Dallas, Texas. The company currently manages nearly $ 13 billion in management and services for pooled investment vehicles and corporations. The company invests in public stocks, fixed income securities and employs hedging...

Turkey bans cryptocurrencies, bitcoin falls

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) on Friday introduced the Regulation on the Non-Use of Crypto Assets in Payments. The ban is due to come into force on April 30th. The bank says the decision is based on "significant risks" that such assets pose to users.According to CBRT, these risks include a lack...

Most liquid options

Liquidity is vital when placing options deals. This article examines the importance of trading the most liquid options.I'm going to share some tips to make sure you are trading the most liquid options.Since lower liquidity equates to higher transaction costs, it is important to always consider these costs and how they add up over time.contentLiquidity in...

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