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David Coppins, CEO of IntelyCare, on the VatorNews podcast

IntelyCare uses AI to align nurses with facilities to address the looming shortage of care ...

Return to theater and films

There are tons of reasons to love NY, but most of all, our entertainment program is amazing. Covid decimated everything from galleries, museums, live theater, live music, and movies. We need the arts. The arts determine our time. Anything we can do to support this community is important. Blindness at the Daryl Roth Theater...

Abbvie (ABBV) dividend stock analysis for 2021

AbbVie Inc. (ABBV) discovers, develops, manufactures and sells pharmaceutical products worldwide. The company was founded in 2013 when Abbott Laboratories split into two companies - Abbvie and Abbott. Abbvie raised dividends to shareholders for five years since becoming an independent public company. The company is a dividend aristocrat with a 48-year track record of increasing...

5 Best Undervalued Canadian Dividend Stocks For 2021 And Beyond

This is a guest post by Harvi on Hashtag Investing Dividend investing is a great way to ensure that you are creating passive wealth in both the bull and bear markets. Dividend stocks are companies that distribute part of their profits to their shareholders. Dividend investments are preferred by many investors as they have the benefit of...

The series “All Swiss Equities” Part 1 – Nos. 1-10

introduction After the great fun with the “All German Shares” series in 2019/2020, it is time to start the new “All Swiss Shares” series in 2021. According to the Swiss stock exchange, there are currently 220 listed companies based in Switzerland. So the series will be a little shorter. The reason for choosing Switzerland is that...

Cameco’s uranium strategy appears to be unfavorable

Cameco is one of the largest uranium suppliers in the world. It is also a leading provider of uranium refining, conversion and manufacturing services. Both uranium and nuclear fuel are used to generate electricity around the world. Cameco's reporting segments are uranium, which accounts for 75% of total sales, and fuel services, which accounts for...

Does Google Pay Dividends?

Does Google Pay Dividends?First of all, Google is now actually trading under its parent company Alphabet Inc. (ticker symbol togetL).As most people would know, Google is a transnational company and is known as the main source of cash flow.Companies of this size and market capitalization often pay dividends to their investors.However, Alphabet has never done this...

Vida Health is raising $ 110 million to integrate mental and physical care

The company more than tripled its sales in 2020 as therapy sessions increased 6,000% ...

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