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All Swiss stocks part 8 – No. 71-80

And another 10 randomly selected Swiss stocks. Here, too, I found a couple of high-quality stores that are unfortunately very expensive. However, I found a candidate to "watch" and actually bought a 1% position in a stock I liked. 71. Klingelnberg AG Klingelnberg is a company with a market capitalization of CHF 180 million that manufactures machines for...

What’s stronger than compound interest?

With simple interest, interest is calculated on the original principal and unpaid interest is not added to the principal for future calculations. Compound interest is what occurs when previously earned and unpaid interest is added to the principle and taken into account when calculating future interest - that is, interest on interest. This is an exceptionally...

Would you like to know the future price development? Refer to these indicators

The two best indicators for the market are price action and volume. I often refer to them as the king and queen of indicators. Other indicators can give a glimpse of what is going on below the market surface and give us an indication of big moves that are brewing. The two most reliable for...

VFV ETF Review – The Best ETF in Canada

The S&P 500 Index ETF, or VFV ETF for short, is a US equity ETF. Its purpose is to track the performance of the S&P 500 Index and to track the performance of large cap US stocksIt is unhedged unlike VSP, which is hedged against the Canadian dollar. Both trade in Canadian dollars, but the VSP...

How To Trade Marubozu Candlestick Patterns

A marubozu candlestick is characterized by a high opening or closing price and confirms strong bullish or bearish action. Today we're going to take a detailed look at marubozu candles.contentsCandlestick patterns indicate the momentum of the market, which signals who is in control and in which direction prices are moving.While some patterns signal sideways movement,...

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