Saturday, September 11, 2021
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ZBAL ETF review

The ZBAL ETF is a multi-asset ETF that offers exposure to stocks and fixed-income securities.The BMO ETF offers investors moderate long-term capital growth and income. The ZBAL ETF offers exposure to a portfolio of global equity and bond ETFs.It is professionally managed by BMO Global Asset Management.Advantages of the Vanguard ZBAL ETFInexpensive ETF with a MER of...

Market outlook for September 7, 2021

Stocks were mixed on Tuesday. Large-cap technology stocks rebounded, propping the Nasdaq up 0.07 percent on the day. The S&P 500 Index lost 0.34 percent, the Russell 2000 Index 0.71 percent and the Dow Jones Industrial Average 0.76 percent. SPDR Consumer Discretionary (XLY), SPDR Communication Services (XLC) and SPDR Technology (XLK) rose 0.29 percent, 0.26 percent and...

Digital health news, previous week’s funding summary; September 6th

Whoop raised $ 200 million and acquired PUSH; Cityblock landed $ 400 million; Eight Sleep Secured $ 86M ...

Introduction to multi-time frame analysis

Today we look at several time frame analyzes.You will learn what it is and how to use it.contentsSuppose we are looking at the logs of an investor who initiates long trades based on Double bottom chart pattern.Double bottom patterns don't always work, but this investor's trades are more reliable than expected.What's the secret?Could it be another...

The good, the bad, and the ugly about dividend stocks

To make our world easier to understand and explain, we like to organize and categorize things in groups so that they can be looked up more easily. Dividend stocks are no different. They can be divided into a few categories based on their historical performance and their expectations for the future. Here are three broad categories: The...

Best Moving Average for Intraday Trading: Best Guide

Today we look at the best moving average for intraday trading.We will learn what moving averages to use and how to implement them correctly.Let's begin.contentsIntraday traders use moving averages as a tool to develop their Trading strategies.Such averages are used in isolation or in combination with other indicators.Different moving averages are used depending on the strategy.Some...

Dividend Income – August 2021

The markets keep rising and rising and rising ... However, Canadian banks and many financials are still in the low PE range. A good situation if you don't know where to invest.If you look at my portfolio you will find that Canadian banks are among my lowest performing stocks. In fact, the best Canadian bank is...

If you are unsure whether your current investors would give you more money, the answer is likely no.

Startup CEOs should test the strength of the cap table every ~ 6 months to see where they stand I really liked Jason Lemkin's “Do You Have a Weak Investor Syndicate” blog post from the beginning of the summer. Read it and then come back here…. Okay, there are two different types of "weaknesses" Lemkin mentions - one has...

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