On Thursday, May 6th, 2021, Playfair Capital and 90 of the world’s leading venture capital funds including Atomico, Creandum, Dawn, Balderton, EQT, Notion, LocalGlobe, Partech and Sequoia will host remote office hours for more than 250 female founders from across Europe .

Each founder has the opportunity to meet four investors during one hour of remote office hours to discuss their tech business idea, seek advice, make an investment or find a mentor.

The event is jointly run by Playfair Capital, Tech Nation and Google for Startups. In the last four editions, a total of 2,000 individual mentoring sessions were attended by 490 founders and 105 investors. So far, 18% of founders have collected donations after attending an event. Success stories include Organize, SideQuest, Paid, Freyda, and Juno.

This fifth event is part of a long-term commitment to rebalancing the sexes in fundraising. The initiative will expand to European founders and will use AI matching technology between founders and investors to further optimize the event’s funding results.

Chris Smith, Managing Partner at Playfair Capital, commented:

“When we started office hours for female founders in November 2019, we never thought that we would start a European event in collaboration with such incredible partners as Tech Nation and Google for Startups. The support from the ecosystem has been incredible and we are very grateful to all investors who campaigned for this event. It’s incredibly exciting and early evidence that by working on a large scale and taking a long-term perspective, we can really make a difference when we start hearing some of the success stories from previous events. “

Jeevan Sunner, Associate at Playfair Capital, added:

The data from the last four editions of Office Hours for Women Founders is extremely encouraging: 95% of investors who were in contact with one or more founders after the event and 18% of founders who attended continue to raise funds – but we can do more. With the support of Google for Startups, Edition V will be the first venture capital D&I initiative to use AI matching between founders and investors to optimize funding results. We are excited to see the impact this will have and will be releasing results over the next few months. “

Lauren Nicholson, Community Lead at Tech Nation, commented:

“It was an extremely rewarding experience to attend the founder’s office hours and see success continue to grow after each issue. The fact that several participants raised donations directly from the events and received much more valuable feedback is proof of how fundamental it is to provide a space and the opportunity to establish connections between founders and VCs. By using our AI matching tool, we will be able to offer a high level of support and networking opportunities in the future, which in turn will optimize results and allow us to support even more women-founded teams on their growth journeys. “

Marta Krupinska, Head of Google for Startups UK, commented:

“There is extensive research showing that different management teams achieve superior returns and are more capital efficient. It is shocking that around 90% of all VC funding in Europe still goes to all male teams, and only one black woman has managed to raise Serie A + funding in the last 10 years. Initiatives like these are vital to improving the playing field for women founders, engaging women in the wealth creation opportunities that technology offers, and ensuring that technology is developed for all – so that it can work for all. “

In order to extend the impact beyond the UK, Playfair has also made its playbook available to any other fund that wants to organize events for underrepresented founders. So far, female founders events have been held in the USA with Anthemis, Diversity VC and Ladies Who Launch, and Southeast Asia with Cocoon Capital and Click Ventures. Other events we support include: Access All for BAME founders with Floww, Force Over Mass and Wayra UK in the UK; Ask me anything with Grove Ventures in Israel; and Founders Labs with the Kansas City University Venture Fund.

For more information and to apply to attend the event, please go to:


About Playfair Capital

Playfair Capital is an early stage fund that gets involved with companies early and with conviction. London-based Playfair combines the best aspects of angel investing with a focused fund to invest in really ambitious founders wherever they are in the world. Playfair takes an industry-independent approach and investments span deep tech, SaaS, marketplaces and B2B companies. We have supported the founders of more than 60 companies including Mapillary (acq. Facebook), CryptoFacilities (acq. Kraken), Omnipresent, Orca AI, Ravelin, sprout.ai, Thought Machine, Trouva and Vinehealth.

About Tech Nation

Tech Nation drives breakthrough founders, executives, and scaling companies to grow so they can transform societies and economies for the better. We provide them with the coaching, content and community they need for their journey to shape the future.

Our current mission is to unlock the growth potential of 1000 scaling tech leadership teams across the UK by 2022. We want to contribute to a future where everyone with vision and energy can access the skills and support they need to succeed as a breakthrough market leader.

Via Google for startups

At best, startups solve complex problems. If they are successful, they will move us all forward. That’s why Google for Startups is building campuses and supporting a global network of leading technology centers, accelerators, and diversity organizations in 125 countries and connecting them to the best of Google’s resources.

The Google for Startups campus in London was launched in April 2012 as one of the UK’s first open spaces for collaboration, workshops and events for the startup technology community. Since opening in 2012, startups have created over 4,600 jobs and raised more than $ 290 million (£ 220 million) in funding on the Google for Startups campus in London. In its next chapter, the Google for Startups team in London, the second largest tech hub in the world alongside Silicon Valley, will focus on improving the playing field for tech startup founders based across the UK and in less developed startup ecosystems around the world .


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