Penny stock newsletters can be a useful resource for investors who don’t have enough time to find stocks to buy. There are a ton of newsletters online these days providing advice by email or on their website.

The vast majority of them who focus on cheap stocks are free. They simply ask for an email address and in return will spam you with “hot stock tips” that may explode in the near future.

Unfortunately, 99% of the time, these newsletters have hidden motives and run pump and dump programs. They have made it their business to increase stocks, unload their stocks near the top, and keep the suckers that bought late in their pockets. Despite the notoriety of these programs, people still fall for the hype in hopes of generating huge returns.

Pump and dump systems are legal, but organizers must share their ownership of stocks or financial compensation in the disclaimer – these are usually given in very small print at the bottom of the email.

Free Penny Stock Newsletter

The following websites offer free email notifications. However, be careful and always read the disclaimers. No matter how good the possibilities sound, everything is hype without substance.


Paid newsletters

If you don’t mind paying for picks, there are a handful of subscription services worth trying out. They usually have a monthly and yearly plan. For a fee, advice is generally more reliable, especially for services with a strong track record of profiling penny stocks. Subscription-based services generate their revenue from paying customers rather than from pump and dump systems.

Peter Leeds is a leading penny stock authority and an all-round nice guy. The Canadian has been offering online stock picking for nearly a decade and has published three books on the subject. At, his newsletter costs $ 199 for an annual subscription.

Mr. Leeds provides unbiased research on a select group of high quality penny stocks. He employs a research team to filter through thousands of crappy companies and find the hidden gems. The picks are long term investments that require strong discipline to buy and hold. A company’s stock price could barely move for months and then boom, 50% moving in a week.

In addition, he gives market comments, shares his personal portfolio and trains subscribers in researching companies. Overall, an excellent option for someone who lacks the time or knowledge to come up with unique investment ideas.

Timothy Sykes

Tim Sykes is a controversial character who is synonymous with the world of penny stocks. Sykes has successfully traded penny stocks for the past 20 years, making $ 6,677,850 trading stocks.

He runs an educational empire made up of DVDs, chat rooms, and newsletters. Tim Alerts and Pennystocking Silver are the most popular newsletters among day traders. Sykes teaches everything you need to know to advance from beginner to advanced trader and now has several millionaire students.

Tim Sykes Newsletter Alerts

In addition to charging for services, Sykes operates a free newsletter that sends out a watchlist of the hottest penny stocks trading during the week. The only downside is that it heavily advertises paid services in the emails.

Similar to Peter Leeds, Sykes has a long-term investment newsletter called “Small Cap Millionaire”. Although he is better known for day trading, Tim enjoys investing in a few companies. Red Cat Holdings, a drone selection, is an example of a winner it recently released to subscribers. Small Cap Millionaire costs $ 749.00 per quarter or $ 1997.00 per year. Much more expensive than Peter Leeds and the holding times are also shorter – from a few days to months.


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