Founded in 2018, My Investing Club is a day trading community run by veteran traders Bao Nguyen, Alex Temiz and Tosh Bradley. MIC is slowly expanding its service and now houses over 2,000 active dealers. Members receive top-notch trading training and mentoring to ensure they have the best chance of success.

In this review, I’ll cover everything you need to know before signing up, including the pros and cons.

The founders

The first thing I noticed about the founders is that they all specialize in different trading strategies. Bao Nguyen (@modern_rock) is an industry veteran who is an expert in daily trading / short selling penny stocks. Younger Alex Temiz focuses on Level 2 tape reading and Tosh Bradley swing trades.

In addition to these three guys, MIC has a team of over ten moderators who run the community. The role of the moderators is to keep the community running smoothly and to provide support to new members.

What is included in the membership?

My Investing Club is a comprehensive service that offers subscribers a ton of educational materials, almost too much. They have a video library with technical discussions and tutorial videos, a chat room, live webinars, and DVDs.

MIC has three different membership levels – monthly, yearly and lifelong. Aside from the cost, each plan has different benefits. The more you pay, the more education you will get.

My investing club plans

  • The monthly plan is $ 197 per month. In return, you get access to the live chat room, the video library, all DVDs (except Jumpstart Accelerator), weekly webinars and the TAB program.
  • The annual plan costs a cool $ 1,890 per year. For this fee you get everything from the monthly plan as well as individual mentoring, weekly trading reviews, historical MIC archive, free access to MIC events, personalized trading reviews and large cap / options trading strategies.
  • After all, lifetime care is a one-time fee of $ 6,995! This staggering fee gives you exclusive access to the MIC Jumpstart Accelerator, live dealer clinics with Alex and Tosh, early access to unreleased videos, early VIP entry to events, and reserved front row seating. You will need to apply for lifetime membership and go through a verification process as not all will be accepted.

Chat room

The chat room is hosted on Slack and the channels are neatly organized so you can easily find what you’re looking for. In addition to the main trading chat room, there are other channels for blue chip stocks, options trading, OTCs, swing trading, after-hours and much more.

The newsfeed channel is a useful feature that allows breaking news to be exchanged in real time. You can type the @get + ticker command to get data for a specific outstanding stock – outstanding stocks, average float volume, social media activity, and SEC filings.

There is also a TAB (Trading Accountability Buddy) channel that allows you to team up with another trader to stay disciplined. Overall, the chat room atmosphere is quite friendly, it doesn’t have the toxic vibe that others have and that beat up new members to ask questions.

Video library

One of the main advantages of My Investing Club is the extensive video library. There are 750+ videos covering everything from trading reviews, tax planning, fundamental analysis, hotkeys, tape reading, and much more. The videos become more detailed, there are in-depth tutorials on their favorite strategies – first red day, first resistance, first jump, line of death and VWAP reclaim, etc.

Fortunately, the videos are thematically labeled. So just use the search bar to find what you want as the library has videos that you don’t want to watch. Each video is also accompanied by a notes area on the right side of the page.


Similar to Tim Sykes, MIC offers a large selection of DVDs in addition to its monthly membership. It currently includes the following list of DVDs:

  • Trade with fish academy
  • Trading basics with Joe Kelly
  • MIC Jumpstart Accelerator Course
  • Fundamental Analysis Series with ChicagoTrader

Learn resources

There are a number of downloadable learning resources – PDF guides, Excel spreadsheets, checklists, scripts, and more. The downloads include tutorial videos that explain how to get the most out of the resources.

Members only meetups

MIC holds regular trader meetups so members can network and meet others in person. If you are an annual or lifelong member, there is no charge. I’m afraid that people with monthly plans will have to pay. Due to the pandemic, I believe there won’t be face-to-face meetings for a while!


  • Bao Nguyen alone, who has had the opportunity to learn from successful traders, has reportedly made millions by trading OTCs.
  • Daily webinars to keep members occupied and answer their questions.
  • The membership content is very well organized. Video courses and downloadable resources will save you a lot of time compared to searching for this information online for free.


  • Overall, the prices are expensive and only worth it if you have at least $ 10,000 to trade.
  • There is more focus on short selling, but there are resources for long biased traders. Not everyone is okay with selling stocks.
  • It is difficult to find reviews of the service outside of the testimonials on their website and YouTube channel.

Voucher codes or special discounts?

I hate being mr but just search google for coupon codes and you will find various sales pages from It appears that they forgot to remove these and may have been left active by mistake.

Examples of a coupon code I found:

SAVE200 – Use this code for the monthly and lifetime schedules.


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