Invent Health with Dr. Archana Dubey and Bambi Francisco Roizen; Episode 10

Invent Health’s weekly podcast with Dr. Archana Dubey and Bambi Francisco Roizen is the only weekly podcast that breaks down the week’s latest digital health news and what it means to patients, providers, and payers (or the payers). It also gives you an in-depth look at a specific topic to help listeners understand how innovation is changing the healthcare paradigm.

In this episode, the two discuss how Stork raised $ 30 million; Humana Acquires OneHome and the popularity of the Medicare Advantage industry, as reflected in One Medical’s acquisition of Iora Health and the recent rebound in Clover Health’s stock. OneHome’s model is fully capitalized so the two of them talk about the different value-based models of fully capitalized and bundled and why fully capitalized has limitations but does not cut corners, which is criticized in some reports that fully capitalized models are potentially possible.

Also in last week’s news, Brightline raised $ 72 million to expand its behavioral childcare services; Google is reportedly downsizing its health department as 130 of its 700 employees in its health department are moving to Fitbit. The report says David Feinberg, head of Google Health, said Google’s innovations in consumer healthcare will move faster with this shift. Plus 23andMe goes public through a SPAC as it trades with Richard Branson’s VG Acquisition Corp. merged. The company, a pioneer in home genetic testing, trades under the ticker symbol “ME” and is now valued at $ 1.5 billion. And the deep dive this week was on primary care and the challenges of getting more consumers to use primary care to avoid costly secondary care. The problem, as Archana explains as a GP, is that PCPs don’t have time and prescribe a lot of drugs, from cholesterol lowering drugs to antibiotics to antidepressants. If society wants PCPs to stop prescribing drugs, they need to give them more time to spend with patients and stop the assembly line model. In fact, as Bambi notes, 79% of psychiatric drugs are prescribed by PCPs.

Editor’s note: On July 14th we will continue our virtual series Future of Mental and Behavioral Health 2021. Use “inventhealth” for a free ticket! This year’s event hosted senior VCs and C-level executives from leading mental and behavioral companies such as BetterHelp, K Health, BetterUp, Ginger, Amwell, Doctor on Demand, Kaiser Permanente, Bessemer Ventures and more from Teladoc.


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