There are still four weeks left in the democratic mayoral elections. I’d bet my money on whoever wins on June 22nd will be the next NYC Mayor in November.

I’m a fan of Maya Wiley, Shaun Donovan, and Andrew Yang. If either of them won, I would stand right behind them and help as best I could. We funded the majority of the contestants and then sat back to watch the show. Elections are interesting to watch. There have been some really positive things and some super big gaffes. Of course, the polls can drive you crazy, but this particular race is of interest as this is the first time NYC has an election poll. This is also a race that was mainly driven during Covid.

Some candidates are left over while others are too much of the same old thing. Some have never done anything. Others have said things that showed they were out of touch while others just started a fire and didn’t run a smooth campaign.

I’ve been reluctant to be public about who to support, but I think now is the time to speak out. The only person who continues to impress me and who has taken the approach of slowly and steadily winning the race is Kathryn Garcia. She’s smart, gets where the city needs to go, understands the deep infrastructure deficiencies that need to be addressed from housing to homelessness, and perhaps most importantly, she’s a problem solver. She has worked for the past couple of administrations on how to run a city and how not to run a city. I have no doubt that she will be an incredible mayor. She knows how the city works and where essentially all of the bodies are buried. That’s huge. She can walk on the sidewalk on the first day. As an added bonus, she is a born and raised New Yorker.

Most of all, she is a woman. It is time for women to run this city. The truth is that they have been for decades. Now let’s put a woman in the mayor’s seat.

If you are a fan, please support their campaign. Cash is required in a race. It’s just a fact of our system. And if you’re wondering who to support for the Manhattan Attorney’s Office, try another woman, Diana Florence. Give her campaign too!


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