Jack Kellogg aka Jackaroo is a day trader who kills with penny stocks. You will most likely come across Jack on Twitter, Tim Sykes tweeting non-stop about his trading profits! The market in early 2021 is insane and Mr Kellogg is taking advantage of the bull market. Despite its recent success, the journey by the millions did not come overnight.

Unlike the average student, Jack Kellogg never intended to go to college after graduating. He was never top of the class and preferred sports and games to academics. Jack wasn’t lazy by any means, he just wasn’t enjoying school – who does that apart from the party?

He’d been valet parking since he was 16, carefully saving money in hopes of starting an entrepreneurial business in the future. He didn’t like the idea of ​​working for someone else and he really wanted to be self-employed.

After graduating, he worked briefly as a paramedic and volunteered as a firefighter. What a guy! As soon as Jack accumulated $ 10,000 in savings, he began looking for new opportunities. Real estate was the first thing that came to mind but never got on with the idea.

As luck would have it, Kellogg ran into a childhood friend who was a student of Tim Sykes at the gym. His friend advised Jack to watch some of Sykes’ videos and consider joining the Millionaire Challenge program. When Jack started watching Sykes’ YouTube videos, he was instantly hooked.

In hopes of making a little extra cash, Kellogg gave his stupid friend $ 1,500 to trade on his behalf. However, Jack’s friend blew up the account and lost all the money. A little annoyed about this, Kellogg decided to learn how to act for himself instead. Jack’s New Year’s resolution for 2017 was to learn all he could about stock trading.

With $ 75,000 left, Jack opened a Thinkorswim account and an E * Trade account for short sales. Like any new trader, he struggled early with fear of losing money and had inconsistent results. During this time, he traded momentum stocks with morning spikes, but continued to buy the tops and sell bottoms.

After a few small losses, he quickly realized that he needed a mentor. In January 2017, he signed up for Tim Sykes’ Millionaire Challenge. With his persuasiveness, he convinced his parents to pay half of the program costs.

After regaining confidence, he started short selling with a small margin account on E * Trade. Over the next year, the E * Trade account slowly declined, losing a third of its value.

Kellogg did not lose hope and continued to work as a valet while he learned how to trade. When he wasn’t working, he spent most of his free time studying – a few days on ten-hour shifts. Tim Grittani in particular was another important mentor for Jack. Similar to Steven Dux’s, Grittani’s Trading Tickers DVD was a huge help.

In 2018 the tide began to turn and Kellogg slowly expanded its trading account. The account wasn’t growing as fast as he wanted because brokerage commissions of 20-40% gobbled up profits.

In May 2018, Jack suffered his first major loss – a bad $ HEAR trade cost him $ 8,000. To wipe out all the profits he’s made that year. By that point it was down $ 4,000 total – a huge hit that resulted in Jack taking a three month break from trading to save more money.

Jack came back in June 2018 with a new strategy and $ 29,000 in his brokerage account. Not long after that, he became friends with a user named MichaelGScott on Profit.ly. Kellogg noted that Michael was making steady profits and was keen to learn more about his OTC strategy.

In August, Kellogg met MichaelGScott (Dominic Mastromatteo) and spent two weeks in Michigan trading live with him. The trip turned out to be a pivotal turning point as he made $ 7,000 in those two weeks. The knowledge gained was invaluable and Jack developed a strong understanding of trading OTCs.

Literally over the next month, Kellogg’s efforts began rewarding himself with the new strategy. Four straight $ 2,500 weeks resulted in a $ 10,000 month for September. October was a slightly better month with a profit of $ 11,000. To finish at a peak in 2018, he made $ 11,000 in the past two months. Eventually the persistence paid off and he took the plunge into full-time trading.

He moved to Michigan to reunite with his trading buddy Dominic Mastromatteo. This time permanently. The move brought immediate results when Kellogg transferred $ 48,000 in February 2019.

Since then, Kellogg has grown its account exponentially, beyond expectations, posting a profit of more than $ 5 million in February 2021.

Jack Kellogg profit.ly

Right now, Kellogg prefers to swing OTC stocks and momentum scalps. Kellogg is also learning a new strategy from Harry Hoss. He likes to use the lower risk strategy of buying bounces. The most important part is getting on and off quickly and the risk of your entry price. When it starts to fail, you can exit the trade quickly.

Low risk trades remain his primary focus as he no longer wants to risk trading with a lot of capital. Despite his recent success, Kellogg remains a cool, humble guy.

He even helped his girlfriend Mariana Hincapie start trading. Mariana started trading in July 2020 and has already made over $ 700,000. Wow, amazing! January and February were big months for the power couple too as the markets were insane!

If you’re looking to start your own trading journey, I recommend reading my Tim Sykes review. Although you may not achieve the same level of success as Jack Kellogg, you can always dream!


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