A look at how companies deal with Covid-19 and what responsibility they have towards employees

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When Covid-19 first spread around the world a year ago, many businesses and schools came to a standstill. It didn’t take long, however, for companies to adapt by adopting work-from-home structures and stumbling over who came into the office and when.

Now that a vaccine is being rolled out in the US and around the world, employers are starting to get people back into the offices, but much remains to be desired – mostly to make sure everyone is safe and the People are protected.

Backed by 500 startups, TrueCare24 is a company that helps solve the problem of COVID-19 tests and vaccinations in the workplace.

I had the opportunity to interview Leo Popov about TrueCare24 and learn more about the company, how its platform works, and the role employers play in testing and vaccination. You can read the full interview below.

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Please introduce yourself and your role at TrueCare24.

My name is Leo (short for Leonid). I was born in Russia where I graduated and got my first professional experience. Since then I have mastered my professional skills at large FMCG companies. My next professional step coincided with moving to San Francisco, where I had a great opportunity to work together and grow TrueCare24.

This company is different from other third-party Covid-19 testing services for companies with the largest network of 100,000+ test providers and laboratories in the United States. This network enables TrueCare24 to leverage economies of scale and provide high quality (close to 100 percent accuracy), low cost testing services including temperature and symptom testing and actual PCR-based testing, as well as antigen testing that produces results in just 10 to 60 minutes can. It was a great opportunity for me to bring my ideas to the table and be part of a breakthrough.

Since joining, I’ve focused on product development, innovation, growth, and marketing functions.

What inspired the founding of the company?

We all struggle to balance our busy lives and the things that matter most: family, friends, and work passions, and wasted time is especially frustrating. If you or a family member falls ill, you have to overcome the hurdles of traditional health care and this is simply not practical for professionals who also have families.

At TrueCare24, we value all families and believe that our loved ones should receive quality care regardless of their income or status. This is how the TrueCare24 mission was created.

It offers flexible options for consumers, including single visit and subscription plans.

What can TrueCare24 offer in just a few sentences now in the pandemic?

Although TrueCare24 primarily provided services such as on-site temperature checks and COVID-19 testing at the start of the pandemic, its skills can now play an important role in anticipating employers involved in the mass vaccination effort.

How do you use technology to better meet your customers’ needs?

We live and work in an incredibly competitive and technologically advanced environment. Application updates and new platforms are being rolled out almost daily to improve people’s lives. At TrueCare24 we constantly follow the needs and wishes of our customers in order to offer them the best solutions on the market.

We built our company on a simple idea: our relatives should be able to receive high quality care regardless of income or status. To bring something unprecedented to life we ​​need a concerted effort. Regarding AI as one of the main features of our platform, we have an app that can be used to monitor the health of each customer online 24/7. In other words, the app helps both employers and employees to simplify the process of managing COVID self-regulation and keeping track of vaccination logistics. For example, our app has a digital alarm that reminds you of the next recording.

How do you work with companies to help with testing and vaccinations?

TrueCare24 Covid Tests

TrueCare24 offers a full suite of onsite coronavirus control services for businesses that are available across the United States

Our network includes over 100,000 providers. When it comes to vaccination, we are fully prepared to organize and run vaccination events and enable vaccination tracking for every individual.

Do you think it is the responsibility of the workplace to test and vaccinate? Or are you just filling in a blank that you saw?

I believe it is becoming an important task for any organization to provide easy access to health and wellness services including on-site testing and vaccinations. It is less time consuming to conduct a vaccination event than it is for each individual to go to a different location on their own.

In this case, the organization can also be sure that those who need / want to be vaccinated have done so. This is one of the ways to safely get the workforce back to the physical workplace.

How can workplaces best cope with the challenges of cost and complexity? Who should pay – jobs or private insurers?

We see strong interest from many of the organizations we currently serve. First the organizations started with temperature tests, then added COVID-19 tests, and adding vaccinations is another natural step for them.

TrueCare24 has helped with these activities and is ready to help with the on-site mass vaccination as well. COVID-19 is certainly a global challenge and only by working with employers, health insurers and local communities can we win.

How does your WorkSafe platform help and does it offer additional functions after COVID-19 tests / vaccinations?

First, our platform is easy to use. WorkSafe is designed to make self-checking of COVID-19 as easy as possible for both employees and employers.

Our newly developed Covid-19 HealthTracker helps companies track the doses and dates at which the vaccines should be administered. The Covid-19 HealthTracker will be available in our WorkSafe app in the next few months.

Do you want to close something?

We are very excited to expand the accessibility of the WorkSafe platform while expanding its functionality. One of the biggest challenges in mass vaccination is getting the right shots from the manufacturers in the right arms at the right time.

By making it easier for employers to record the doses and dates when vaccines should be administered, we are helping organizations meet the responsibility for easy access to health and wellness services, including on-site vaccinations.

What’s next for TrueCare24?

We believe our technology can promote wider and better social inclusion. In other words, I tend to believe that even after mass vaccination, this platform will continue to be in demand in the future as manufacturers want to remain socially oriented.


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