Please Note: The Refund Advance Loan is no longer available through H&R Block.

H&R Block Refund Loans are interest-free loans that provide an advance on your tax return when you file your taxes with H&R Block. These loans are typically offered at the start of the tax season and reward filers for being ahead of their taxes. Knowing that you can get a tax refund from the government, these loans will give you access to that money as soon as you file your taxes. However, personal loans are only available through a prepaid MasterCard, so they may not be the most accessible option for all borrowers.

H&R Block at a glance

LenderMin loanMax loanAPR areaconditionsMain advantage
H&R block$ 250$ 3,5000%N / AAccess your tax refund faster

What we like about an H&R block advancement

H&R Block Refund Advance Loans You can get your tax refund money much earlier than expected. These interest-free loans allow borrowers to access their refunds even before the government has processed their taxes and issued a refund. Whether you are in need of cash and don’t want to wait for a check or deposit from the federal government, or want to spend your refund on an upcoming trip or project, these loans will help you access your refund much faster. If you are already filing your taxes with H&R Block, these loans are a nice perk available to you as a customer.

  • Access your tax refund instantly
  • No interest
  • Good for existing customers

Things to watch out for

While an H&R Block Refund Loan – especially because it is interest-free – sounds appealing, there are a few conditions that come with it. First and foremost, this loan is only available to customers who file their taxes through H&R Block. If you plan to file your taxes yourself by using the services of a professional tax advisor or other form of tax preparation software, you will not be eligible for this loan. Also, the refund loan is only available in the form of a prepaid MasterCard, which can be inconvenient for borrowers who prefer direct deposit. In addition, a small window is available for the loan. In 2021, customers could only apply for the loan between January 4th and February 28th. (You can make an appointment for an H&R Block Emerald Advance for 2022 starting November 2021.)

  • Amounts deposited on Prepaid MasterCard
  • Must file taxes with H&R Block
  • H&R block fees and additional costs

What you need to know

H&R Block offers borrowers who file their taxes through the company an interest-free loan for their tax refund. Loan amounts are offered in increments of $ 250, $ 500, $ 750, $ 1,250, and $ 3,500. The loans are interest-free and available to those who file their taxes early with H&R Block. To qualify for the loan, you must be eligible for a tax return. H&R Block can also consider other factors such as: If your application is approved, you may have access to your funds in a matter of hours. Paying back the loan is easy. Your tax refund will be transferred to a refund account from which the loan repayment will be deducted.

How to apply for an H&R block tax refund loan

  1. Gather all the materials required for your tax return, including all tax forms and other relevant information.
  2. Register your taxes with the services of H&R Block.
  3. Check if you are eligible for a refund.
  4. Apply for a refund loan.
  5. When approved, you will receive funds on a prepaid MasterCard or by check or direct deposit.

H&R Block Fees and Penalties

While the H&R Block prepayment loans are interest-free, there are various fees associated with the loan. First and foremost, customers must pay to file their taxes with H&R Block before they are eligible for a loan. Since the average cost of filing a tax return with H&R Block is $ 147, this is an important consideration when filing your taxes, especially if you have a simple tax situation and could potentially file without the help of expensive software.

There are also a variety of fees associated with the prepaid MasterCard for which the loan is granted. These include a $ 3 ATM withdrawal fee, cashback fees, bill payment fees, and inactivity fees. The cost of these fees depends on your financial situation and the use of the card.

H&R Block Refund Advance Loan Alternatives

Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt also offers refund loans for customers filing their taxes using their tax software with loans of up to $ 3,200. Like H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt offers quick funding. While borrowers have the option of receiving money on a prepaid debit card, they can also have the money deposited directly into their bank account.

TurboTax Refund Advance

Owned by accounting giant Intuit, TurboTax is another popular option when it comes to tax preparation software. The company offers refund loans of up to $ 2,000. Similar to H&R Block, TurboTax issues loan funds on a prepaid card. While TurboTax is popular, it can charge heavy tax filing fees if you have a complicated tax situation or additional forms.

Freedom tax

Liberty Tax is another tax preparation service that offers refund loans from $ 500 to $ 6,250 and is subject to a financing fee. The loan amount depends on your Tac refund. You can file your taxes online with Liberty Tax or visit a branch to file your taxes in person.


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