I got an infection that needed treatment right away. Instead of going straight back to NYC, we went to Southhampton Hospital. Big mistake. I was there for 8 hours. At the end of the long wait for nothing to happen except that there was no infection running through my veins, the intern said to me, go back to town. He also gave me some reviews that he wasn’t sure about but wanted to put his two cents in, which were totally inappropriate.

Sitting in an emergency room for so long is enlightening in the medical world. Especially those outside of urban areas. You are understaffed. You spend most of the day treating people in need of care who do not have their own doctor. Unclear if they’re geared for anything but a broken thumb.

There are also televisions in each emergency room (behind the curtain) that show daytime programs. Anyone who invests in consumer goods should watch the commercials for a day. Who would have thought Jimmy Dean Wurst expanded into new categories and ran ads all day?

The sisters are the best. The doctors, not so much. Their lack of communication is appalling. Your ability to make spontaneous decisions is nil. Remember, Southhampton Hospital is 90 miles from NYC. All I could think about is what if someone gets sick in remote areas? What kind of health care does someone get who doesn’t have the money to go to a personalized doctor and pay for their prescriptions? In her pharmacy, my daughter saw people cry when they couldn’t afford the drugs. Heartbreaking is an understatement.

I certainly don’t know how to fix the health system, but seeing it firsthand for 8 hours with nothing to do but listening and watching made me sad, angry and horrified. We have taken the reins of drug companies to make trillions of people. Remember that 80% of employees are overweight. This is certainly not good news.

When does the system just collapse? Or maybe already.

The Post Hospitals first appeared on Gotham Gal.


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