The company works with local governments to provide telemedicine, mental health and disinfection services

When the pandemic hit last year, it quickly became clear that the existing public health infrastructure in the United States simply wasn’t prepared for an emergency of this size and scale. To be very clear, you can’t send everyone to the hospital; You need to be able to sift through people and determine the right level of care.

The best way to keep people safe while not overwhelming an already overloaded health system is through telemedicine. For this reason, many city and state governments across the country are now investing in these services. The trick, however, is to do it quickly and cheaply.

This is where the National Coronavirus Hotline (NCH) comes in, which officially opened in California last week. The company works with local governments, including cities, counties, and states, as well as nonprofits, foundations, and nonprofits. They can launch targeted campaigns to offer healthcare services to their constituents while tracking the performance of those services in real time.

“Take the city of San Francisco, for example, which has to spend a lot of money on health services, but the problem that they can’t deploy that capital quickly, which means they can’t buy health services on a large scale.” and use it in the tiny communities that have them, “said Dr. Michael J. Garbade, project leader at NCH.

“If the Mayor of San Francisco wants to provide health care services to the poorest neighborhoods, she can take the zip code list and say, ‘Okay, I want you to provide health care services in this area.’ With the service we are running, she can simply access NCH, choose the services she wants to provide, choose the postcodes, and anyone who is authorized, that is, anyone who lives in the postcode can get services free of charge. “

It’s so easy to set up these campaigns on the platform that he has compared it to it Creating a Google Adword Campaign; NCH ​​can be seen as a “platform for health campaigns”.

Telemedicine, mental health and disinfection

Currently, NCH offers its members three main services, the first of which is telemedicine, through which authorized users are given access California can book and initiate a video call with a participating doctor and other medical professionals. These doctors can assess the patient’s symptoms, determine if a COVID-19 test is needed, and provide medical advice on how to care for anyone in the household who is sick.

However, the service is not limited to just those who are experiencing coronavirus symptoms, but also to anyone who needs advice from a doctor on flu, cold, vaccination, and breathing issues, as well as prevention and primary care issues. NCH’s telemedicine services allow patients to set up a 15-minute appointment with their doctor, order laboratory tests, have a doctor send prescriptions to their local pharmacy, and get referrals to local doctors if they need to be seen in a hospital person.

Of course, there are many other telemedicine services out there right now, many of which have raised large donations over the past year, including Teladoc, AmWell, Doctor On Demand, and 98point6. The big difference between the National Coronavirus Hotline and these others is that NCH assumes the user doesn’t need insurance to access its services, Garbade explained.

“The idea behind this is that we can actually provide services to underserved communities by giving cities, states, and governments the ability to easily provide health care services to their constituents. The end user pays nothing as the city pays for the services or does so the county. “

The second service that NCH offers is access to mental health providers, which emerged in the team’s experience last year as they had their own mental health issues during the pandemic and the lockdown that followed.

“There are some people with coronavirus and mental health problems and some people without coronavirus, but because of these perpetual shutdowns and perpetual negative reports, people have had mental health problems,” he said Garbade.

As with primary and coronavirus care, which patients can access, mental health services are accessed remotely, and so the company plans to stay. Even if COVID withdraws and a visit to the doctor comes into question again, NCH will only offer virtual care.

“We believe that even if the pandemic is above 100%, life will not return as it did before. Life will not be what it was before because we believe the pandemic is in certain trends that began earlier Basically accelerated. So virtual care is going to be the dominant form of care in my view. That was a trend and now it’s going to take a bigger market share, just like with e-commerce: it took many years to get there, but the The pandemic has pushed virtual care to accelerate faster, “explained Garbade.

The third service offered by the National Coronavirus Hotline is disinfection, the is only for people who have COVID. Once they prove they have the virus, NCH will send one of the 15 disinfection companies it works with to their home. Therefore, they use hospital-grade cleaning solutions to thoroughly sterilize surfaces.

Part of the NCH platform also includes information about the coronavirus, including a real-time dashboard with graphs so users can follow the coronavirus cases in their area as well as the latest coronavirus news.

The future of the National Coronavirus Hotline

To date, NCH has worked with four customers, none of whom the company is currently unable to disclose who one of them is. During the two-month beta phase, the company worked with over 2000 patients from around the world Californiawho had access to its telemedicine services. The company found that patients were fairly satisfied with the easy access to doctors and specialists without worrying about whether they needed insurance or how they would pay for care.

“We’ve been able to remove this fear that is preventing people from getting the care they need because they don’t have the financial means or because they believe they are being billed a huge sum of money. So we’re removing that limit , this blockage that happens, “said Garbade

Going forward, the company also plans to expand into new states in the coming year and is already planning to roll out in New York City. In part, that’s because NCH, which has raised $ 500,000 in grants and angel funding, also has investors from New York, but there’s the fact too New York is one of the big markets that coronavirus is a big problem, and it’s a state that is investing in telemedicine infrastructure as well.

However, the company is already no longer associated with COVID. While Garbade admits that NCH currently has “Coronavirus” in its name because it’s still a topic of interest and a way of getting users to get onto the platform, NCH is eventually slated to change its name to a name who is promoting a more general medicine once the virus is no longer such a big threat. In fact, the company has already chosen a name, but it’s not yet announced.

The bigger goal is for the company after all are establishing themselves as an infrastructure service for new facilities through which they can deliver healthcare, and basically acting like a Healthcare Shopify where cities and facilities will have their own Websites and mobile apps that have their own name and details while NCH (or whatever it is called at this point) is in the back end, running all of the infrastructure.

“People of San Francisco can book services on the city’s website while our white label solution is running because we provide all of the service, but people won’t even know about us we will do it.” Move from telemedicine and mental health to more services cities can offer their constituents. “

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