While Geico is best known for its auto insurance, its offerings also include home, tenant, and life insurance. Geico home insurance is inexpensive and customers can save even more by taking advantage of some of their discounts. It is important to note that Geico does not purchase its own homeowner insurance. Customers will work with another company after purchasing their policy.

Founded in 1936, Geico scores well on our proprietary SimpleScore on a number of factors, including 5 out of 5 in our Support and Accessibility categories. We’ll go into more detail later on what to look for when analyzing insurance companies. In a nutshell, when we review home insurance companies, we use our SimpleScore methodology to examine discounts, coverage options, support, customer satisfaction, and accessibility in order to compare them to other companies.

Ideal for cheap insurance – Geico

While Geico is not widely used for customer service specifically for home insurance, it is recognized by Consumer Reports for its claims satisfaction and service related to auto insurance.

  • Affordable guidelines.
  • Available nationwide.
  • Best rated financial strength.
  • Limited discounts available.
  • Does not take out your own home insurance.
In the news

Geico on the news

  • In April 2020, Geico announced it would be giving customers 15% credit on six-month auto insurances due to less driving during the coronavirus outbreak. Geico insures 28 million vehicles, and the company estimates the loans would total $ 2.5 billion.

What we like about Geico home insurance

Affordable guidelines

Geico is known for offering some of the cheapest insurance policies and their home insurance is no different. While Geico does not purchase its own home insurance, customers still get access to the company’s low prices and discounts.

Available nationwide

Homeowner Insurance is available through Geico in all 50 states. You don’t have to work with an agent to sign in. This means anyone can sign up for a policy on the company’s website.

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Best rated financial strength

AM Best gives Geico an A ++ ranking in terms of financial strength. An insurance company with such positive financial ratings is a good sign – so you can be confident that Geico will be able to pay out any insurance claim.

Who should get this policy

Geico’s insurance policies are ideal for anyone whose number one priority is price. While there are some tradeoffs, such as not being able to choose your own underwriting company, Geico offers consistently low insurance rates.

Things to consider

Limited discounts

Geico offers surprisingly few discounts on its home insurance. The companies only discounts are:

  • Multi-policy discount for those who bundle their home and car insurance.
  • Discount for home security systems.
  • Smoke detectors alarms or fire extinguishers discount.

Does not take out your own home insurance

Although you can get home insurance through Geico, another company will sign your policy. And since Geico works with multiple underwriting companies, you don’t know which company you’ll end up with (and you can’t decide).

Who shouldn’t get this policy

If you want to decide for yourself which company will take out and manage your homeowner insurance, Geico is not for you.

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What we analyzed


Geico offers fewer home insurance discounts than many of its competitors. The only discounts available are for multiple policies, home security systems, and smoke alarms or fire extinguishers. This lack of discounts is surprising given that Geico is high on the list for auto insurance discounts.


Geico offers all of the standard home insurance policies, including:

  • Property damage from fire, wind, hail, or water
  • Personal property
  • Jewelry up to $ 2,000 (additional additional coverage available)
  • Personal liability
  • Medical
  • Additional costs (which will cover your living expenses if you are unable to temporarily stay in your home due to covered damage)

Geico also offers flood insurance as a separate policy.

Customer satisfaction

Since Geico does not take out home insurance of its own, companies like JD Power do not include them in the customer satisfaction ranking. Your customer experience depends on the insurer receiving your policy.


Geico is known for its customer support. However, home insurance customers are not supported as another company is taking out and servicing these policies. That being said, customer support is available through Geico while you purchase home insurance. Geico can also help you contact your home insurer to make a claim or update your policy.


Geico’s website and app are clean and straightforward to use. When you land on the site, it’s easy to request a quote or to review a previous quote. Geico’s app is primarily aimed at auto insurance customers.

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Geico home insurance against the competition

With an excellent SimpleScore and a strong rating from JD Power, State Farm is not only one of the largest providers of home insurance, but also one of the best.

State Farm is the nation’s leading provider of home insurance, with a market share of around 18%. State Farm offers affordable policies with all basic insurance plans. Discounts are available for certain home security features such as security systems and fire alarms. According to the JD Power Home Insurance 2020 study, State Farm is above average in terms of overall customer satisfaction.

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This insurance company offers solid coverage options as well as excellent support and accessibility.


4.2 / 5.0

SimpleScore Progressive 4.2

Like Geico, Progressive offers home insurance, but it is taken out by a different company. Once signed up, you won’t have access to Progressive’s online tools or customer service, but you can take advantage of the company’s discounts. According to JD Power, Progressive’s home insurance partner, ASI, is at the bottom of the list when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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Allstate has access to thousands of agents across the United States. This is an important feature if you want that personal touch.

Allstate is the second largest home insurer in the country with more than 8% market share. Allstate also ranks well for customer satisfaction, beating Farm, Progressive, and most other providers according to JD Power State. Allstate offers a surprising number of discounts on its home insurance policies that make saving easy.

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Geicos home insurance rates

Geico is known for having some of the most competitive rates in the insurance industry. You’ll need to get a quote to find out exactly what you’re paying, but the national average cost of home insurance is $ 2,305. Note that your premium can vary based on many factors:

  • Location (areas with high crime rates or bad weather can increase your rewards).
  • The age, size and construction of your home.
  • Your credit rating.
  • The value of your belongings within the home.

In general, you can assume that the more coverage you buy, the more expensive your policy will be.

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America’s Top Rated Home Insurance

  • Rules from just now $ 25 / month
  • Log in Seconds, Claims paid in minutes
  • No hassle, no paperwork

Geico online and mobile app

Geico has a robust website where customers can get a quote, review or change their policies, or speak to a customer service representative through instant messengers.

In the Geico mobile app, you can save and access your ID, request roadside assistance or make a claim. The app also allows customers to create a vehicle maintenance schedule for their car to remind them when it’s time to pick up their car.

Finally, Geico’s tools are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can manage your app hands-free.

Geico home, car and life

Geico doesn’t just offer homeowner insurance. Other Geico products include coverage for Auto, Renters, Condos, RVs, Landlords, Living, Pet, Business, and more.

Geico car insurance

Geico’s auto insurance is the company’s most popular product. Auto insurance offers coverage for liability, medical, uninsured and underinsured motorists, collisions, comprehensive and more. Geico offers 16 discounts to help its auto insurance customers save even more.

Geico life insurance

Geico has partnered with Life Quotes, Inc. to provide term life insurance, life insurance, and universal life insurance. Geico doesn’t actually sign these guidelines – it just gives you access to the listings and another company signs the guidelines.

Bundling options

Geico offers a discount to customers who bundle their home and auto insurance policies. On average, Geico’s bundle discount is around 3%. You need to get a quote from Geico to find out what your exact discount would be.

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