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Just like hiking, investing is much funnier when you have a buddy by your side to help you stay on course. Today we’re leveraging Mike’s hiker talent to answer the most frequently asked questions investors might have.

Sell ​​stocks at a loss? Inflation protection? Another tech bubble ahead of you? DRIPs? Use stop sells? All of these questions have been answered … and so much more!

You will learn

  • Mike’s thoughts on Canadian Banks’ recent earnings.
  • Why Sylogist is losing.
  • Why are utilities falling if they should thrive with the pandemic?
  • Should you Hold preferred shares in a cash reserve upon retirement.
  • Mike’s opinion on mutual funds and ETFs.
  • Why should you sell your winners or sell weak stocks at a loss?
  • Should Canadian Investors Convert Their Currency Before Buying US Stocks, And How Can They Benefit From Strong Canadian Money?
  • Low growth is viewed as lack of growth in the dividend triangle.
  • What’s up with InterPipeline, Brookfield Infrastructure, and Pembina?

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What is Norbert’s Gambit strategy?

You can download the full article here.

A financial advisor named Norbert Schlenker of Libra Investment Management, an investment firm in British Columbia, found a solution for his client. According to the online “legend,” this creative advisor has devised a strategy to skip the middleman and avoid paying conversion fees. This is how it works:

Some companies trade on both Canadian and US stock markets. Take Canadian banks, for example. So when you buy Royal Bank (RY.TO) shares through your online brokerage account, you can call your broker and ask them to book (transfer) the shares on the stock exchange in the same foreign currency listing. Price, then sell the stocks in the currency you want in the end.

This strategy would convert money invested in Canadian dollars in Royal Bank stocks into US dollars once you’ve sold those same stocks in the US markets. The only fee that would be paid would be that for the purchase and sale transactions. Depending on the amount converted, the transaction fee would be minimal.

On the podcast, I discussed how to use Horizons US Dollar Currency ETF (DLR and DLR.U) to convert your currency. This is the one I personally use on a regular basis.

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