Wow, what a first half of 2021. My portfolio has grown by 12% in 6 months! Projected over the year, this corresponds to a return of 24%. It’s a seven-figure portfolio now, up from $ 46,000 when I took over my investments from my former financial advisor.

Remember that investing in stocks means investing in the companies and their businesses.

Part of my success lies in focusing on companies that work like toll booths.

Stock trading

To the surprise of many, I sold all of my Johnson & Johson stock. The company simply outperformed many of my other holdings. Great company for secure retirement, but I’m not there yet.

I’ve used the process to add Microsft, Apple, BlackRock, Costco, MasterCard, and Visa. I considered swapping JNJ with a new position but decided my winners are great and I should just stick with them.

No new money added since contributing $ 6,000 to my TFSA. Next, I contribute to my spouse TFSA.

Portfolio management

I have 25 stocks in my portfolio, including Telus and TC Pipeline, that I want to sell through Computershare (Computershare takes time). In fact, it makes up less than 1% of my portfolio.

With the performance of the US stock market, my USD to CAD ratio is now 55/45. There’s nothing wrong with that. Many shy away from investing directly in US stocks, and that’s understandable given that currency conversion is required. That’s why I also have VFV (Vanguard S&P 500 Index ETF).

Since VFV is settled in CAD, I keep track of it as CAD currency, but the underlying assets are in USD. With that factored in, my USD versus CAD inventory is 62/38.

As you know, I’ve moved from most sectors to just 6 (from 11 to 6) and that’s perfectly fine because if you look at my industry coverage I’m well diversified.

Industry allocation June 2021
Sector allocation June 2021

Dividend income

My dividend income for June 2021 is $ 1,641. My total annual return is now below 2.00% – at the time of writing it was 1.87%. It’s a dividend growth portfolio for total returns and not a dividend income portfolio for retirement (yet).

Dividend income June 2021

I will repeat that it is not important to balance income per month. When you retire SHOULD NOT Live on income month after month. This is just bad personal finance.

you SHOULD You must have at least 1 year of cash to pay the monthly bills and your monthly dividends reschedule your cash so that you have 1 year of cash at all times.


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