Shopmonkey raised $ 75 million; Daloopa landed $ 20 million; Stemson Therapeutics Raised $ 15 Million; Halla collects $ 4.5 million

Netradyne: Netradyne is a San Diego-based startup that uses cameras and edge computing to improve the safety of commercial drivers. Netradyne raised $ 150 million in Series C funding. SoftBank Vision Fund 2 led the way, along with Point72 Ventures and M12. Continue reading

Shop monkey: Shopmonkey is a San Jose, California-based manufacturer of process management software for auto repair shops. Shopmonkey has raised $ 75 million in Series C funding. Bessemer Venture Partners and Index Ventures jointly led the round, along with Iconiq Growth and previous supporters Headline and I2BF. Continue reading

Daloopa: Daloopa is a New York-based startup developing data extraction technologies for financial institutions. Daloopa has raised $ 20 million in Series A funding led by Credit Suisse Asset Management. Continue reading

Stammson Therapeutics: Stemson Therapeutics is a San Diego-based startup dedicated to developing a hair loss treatment that creates brand-new hair follicles. Stemson Therapeutics raised $ 15 million in Series A funding. DCVC was led and supported by AbbVie Ventures and Genoa Ventures. Continue reading

Verve movement: Verve Motion is a Cambridge, MA-based developer of exo-suits for food workers (to prevent back injuries, among other things). Verve Motion raised $ 15 million in Series A funding. Construct Capital led the way, along with Founder Collective, Pillar VC, Safar Partners and OUP. Continue reading

Play2Pay: Play2Pay is a startup based in Miami, Florida. Play2Pay has raised $ 13 million in Series A funding led by Telesoft Partners, with the participation of Harbor Spring Capital and numerous individual investors. Continue reading

Halla: Halla is a New York-based startup that says its “taste intelligence” technology can accurately predict purchase intent and recommend the foods a person might want to buy. Halla receives $ 4.5 million in funding from Food Retail Ventures. Continue reading

Delicious: Yummy is a San Francisco-based delivery app with a mission to create the super app for Venezuela. Yummy has raised $ 4 million in funding to expand its delivery business for dark stores across Latin America. Donors included Y Combinator, Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen, Canary, Hustle Fund, Necessary Ventures, and the co-founders of TaskUs. Continue reading

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