Thursday, September 9, 2021

Five Easy Ways To Cut Down On College Expenses Without Decreasing The Fun

It's no secret that the cost of college is incredibly high. US News and World Report are cutting college costs in several...

What Should You Do When House Prices Go Up And Rents Go Down?

When real estate prices rise in a real estate market, rental prices usually rise too. The opposite is the case: when property...

Spending More to Live Smartly

The most basic principle of personal finance is to spend less than you make and do something of value with the difference. ...

What to do when a teenager’s taste gets expensive

At some point, the toddlers and teenagers who filled my house with noise became teenagers and teenagers. The toys they once longed...

When you need to retire due to COVID-19

Here's an amazing fact: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that unemployment rose during the pandemic for workers 55 and older from 3.3%...

What if a financial recovery from COVID-19 seems impossible?

According to a January 2021 poll by Pew Research, 44% of Americans predict it will take three years or more for the pandemic...

Robinhood files for long-awaited IPO

Love it or I hate it, Robinhood changed the retail stock market. The trading app was...

Latest Karmagawa Donations – Timothy Sykes

I am proud to announce my last $ 1 million in Karmagawa donations ... This...

Prepare your information for a disaster

When COVID first hit, I, like many people, began to think about my own mortality in a new light. Here was this...

The hidden benefits of frugal living

When my wife and I first made a commitment to be more frugal, we did so for the reason that many people do:...

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