I am a big fan of ArtLifting. ArtLifting is a social enterprise that works with artists who are homeless or disabled and provides them with a platform to sell their work. They work with hospitals and emergency shelters. ArtLifting sells original work by artists, takes some of the work and turns it into art prints and wall coverings. You have run a profitable business for the past few years. I am an investor in full transparency.

Needless to say, the pandemic has been a challenge for all artists. The joy for many was that they made enough money to move into their own place, put a roof over their heads, and put food on the table. I love the mission because ArtLifting has given all of these people the opportunity to make money from their own talents by essentially giving them a pole rather than a fish.

I received an update on the store yesterday and am planning to purchase an original artwork to help out an artist. Liz Powers, the brilliant warm hearted founder, wrote:

We are at a critical stage in this pandemic. Artists are concerned about paying rent, maintaining their health, and caring for their families. The transition back to the office environment has continued to be delayed in order to displace some of our core business revenue. We have the ability to fill the void and give our artists instant predictability. If we sold 200 original works of art in 90 days while waiting for a major vaccination, we could have $ 1 million in sales. For this reason, we ask for your immediate assistance by taking the following measures:

  • purchase an original artwork
  • Refer three others to do the same
  • post Your support for ArtLifting on LinkedIn or other forms of social media
  • To introduce us to developers

We supported the art world through the pandemic and bought countless works of art that go directly to funds that support artists. I intend to do that too. Take a look and spread the word.

We could all be vaccinated in the coming months, but what it looks like on the other side is still unclear. This is a wonderful organization that has brought so many out of unfortunate circumstances and by helping you get a work of art too!


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