NFTs have become one of the hottest trends in digital media. With all of the hype surrounding the space, traders are looking for the best NFT penny stocks to trade. Although NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are compared to the tulip craze, there are tremendous opportunities to benefit from the technology before it fades. Below we’ve compiled a list of the top NFT penny stocks to see this year.

Remember, these are very risky stocks. Only invest capital that you can afford to lose.


WISeKey, based in Switzerland, describes itself as a cybersecurity company that uses AI, the Internet of Things and blockchain technology to help create digital identity ecosystems. WISeKey claims the microchips can be used in crypto tokens, smart cars and smart cities.

The share price had two big spikes back in February and March, hitting a high of $ 20.52 on March 24th. Since then the share price has fallen to $ 8.

Wisekey stock chart

Customers can trust WISeKey products as they use the blockchain to authenticate and secure online transactions. In March 2021, they developed an application to sell NFTs that demonstrated the ability to protect high quality digital assets.

The digital ID technology has impressed private investors who were happy to bet on the future of WISeKey. It remains to be seen whether the technology can become a reliable sales driver as competition intensifies.

2. Liquid Media Group (NASDAQ: YVR)

Liquid Media has jumped on the NFT bandwagon and is riding the hype wonderfully. Liquid Media started 2o21 at $ 1.60 per share and hit a high of $ 5.31 on March 23. Since then, the stock has been selling pretty heavily, and traders wanted quick profits. The stock continues to sell, setting a range of $ 1.60 to $ 1.80 as a solid entry.

Liquid Media Group share chart

Classified as a “digital entertainment business”, its origins lie with Atari. In early March, they signed a promising contract with Atari, a distribution agreement for Liquid’s SlipStream video-on-demand distribution platform. The platform can be downloaded from Ataris VCS PC / Console Hybrid.

They recently announced the first Red Carpet NFT Drop and the launch of an NFT trading platform called The platform is a partnership with Currency Works and the NFTs on the red carpet will be released in May.

CEO Ron Thomson stated, “We are excited to demonstrate the creativity and versatility that NFTs can offer fans, the entertainment industry and IP owners. When fans have the opportunity to own never-before-seen footage or capture a rare experience with a celebrity, the world will quickly understand the value NFTs will offer. “

With a market capitalization of around USD 30 million, Liquid Media is a highly speculative investment.


As a pioneer of modern gaming, Atari has grown into an interactive entertainment company that has influenced millions of gamers over the past decade. The most popular titles include Pong, Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command.

Under the ticker symbol PONGF, the share price started the year at around 44 cents and peaked at USD 1.15 on April 7 – a gain of 116%! It was sold out but not as bad as Liquid Media and is trading at 80 cents.

PONGF share chart

The main focus of the company was on the introduction of its console, the Atari VCS. The PC / console hybrid brings users both games and entertainment in one place, wow. Atari also decided to get on the NFT hype train by expanding into the tokenization ecosystem with its Atari token.

The purpose of the token is mainly for in-game purchase which could be a solid source of income for the company. To support trading in digital games, they have been integrated into Robot Cache by using Atari tokens in the Robot Cache storefront.

Outside of digital game tokenization, Atari is exploring other tokenization methods and has partnered with Bondly for Gaming NFTs. The company hopes that NFTs will form the “backbone” of the Atari Metaverse. In addition, Atari has developed a limited NFT Atari fashion series together with RTFKT Studio.


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