The best frugal tips usually aren’t big, complicated practices, but rather small changes to the common things you do that save pennies or a dollar each time. You’re always doing the same thing as always, just a little bit more efficiently in terms of cost (and often time) just because you’re smart. You are “invisible”.

These tips often save a little time. If you can change the way you work so that you spend a dime less and 15 seconds less without getting a lower quality result, it is actually a big win, especially if you repeat it.

Repetition is the secret ingredient here. If something saves you a penny every day, you have saved $ 36.50 over the course of a year. If you do 10 things like that, that’s $ 365. When these changes are effortless. … Why not?

What you will notice with such changes over time is that there is gradually more money in your checking account, even though your daily life has not really changed. This is the real magic of small, frugal hacks.

20 little frugal hacks

The estimated savings per day and per year are based on calculations from my own household, a family with two adults and three children in a 2,000 square meter detached house.

  1. Make double the amount of a simple meal you love, put the extras in the refrigerator, and enjoy as a simple leftover meal in two or three days. You can eat the exact same meal or mix it up easily. For example, make twice as much spaghetti, put the leftovers in a baking pan, add some cheese and bake them. You save money by being able to shop in bulk and by cooking more at home.
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 2.50
    Estimated savings per year: $ 912
  1. Use your own mix of powder detergent. Place 1 cup of borax, 1 cup of washing soda, and 1 cup of soap flakes in a resealable container, shake well, then use 1 teaspoon of the mixture per load of laundry (leave only one measuring teaspoon in the container).
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 0.12
    Estimated savings per year: $ 44
  1. Keep snacks in your car so you won’t be tempted to eat fast food snacks. If this precludes one stop per week; You will save a ton!
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 0.75
    Estimated savings per year: $ 274
  1. Keep your unusual vegetable scraps in a bag in the freezer. The next time you need broth, just toss the leftovers into a saucepan or slow cooker with as much water as you need for the recipe and let it simmer for a few hours. Then sieve off the remaining pieces. Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 0.10
    Estimated savings per year: $ 37
  1. Run your ceiling fans frequently and in the right direction for the season, then experiment with new temperatures for your thermostat as you run less of the stove and air conditioner.
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 0.75
    Estimated savings per year: $ 274
  1. If you enjoy going to bars or restaurants with friends or colleagues, watch out for discounted nights and events like happy hour and suggest these options. Sometimes something as simple as swapping where to go after work on Tuesday or Thursday can save everyone some money.
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 1.50
    Estimated savings per year: $ 548
  1. If you drink a lot of bottled water, switch to a water filter under your kitchen sink so you can refill reusable bottles from the tap at home. Stock up on a few, keep them in the refrigerator, and then put them in the dishwasher afterwards.
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 2
    Estimated savings per year: $ 730
  1. Make your own spice mixes when the spice jars are starting to get low. For example, if you bought a container of garlic powder at the store and there is only about 10% left in it, use this jar to make a spice mix that you like. The garlic powder is already included so just mix in a few other things to top it up.
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 0.10
    Estimated savings per year: $ 37
  1. Refill your window cleaner bottle with 10 parts water, one part white vinegar and two drops of liquid detergent. Mix thoroughly and use in place of the expensive window cleaner. We went through a bottle of window cleaner every three to four months. No longer.
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 0.03
    Estimated savings per year: $ 11
  1. Cancel your cable subscription and use a wireless antenna and a streaming service or two for your television needs. Not sure if you can? Challenge yourself to not use any cable at all for 30 days. If you can, chop the cable off and save yourself a ton of money with no real life impact.
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 3
    Estimated savings per year: $ 1,095
  1. If you get gasoline once a month, inflate your car tires properly at the free air station. It takes about five minutes and will greatly improve your fuel efficiency. In addition, you significantly reduce the likelihood of a puncture while driving.
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 0.13
    Estimated savings per year: $ 47
  1. Set your water heater to 120 F according to CDC recommendations. This is the sweet spot for minimizing the risk of burns and illness. Many water heaters are set to a higher temperature, many are set to 140 F by default. (A hot shower is 100 F to 110 F so you probably won’t notice the change.)
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 0.10
    Estimated savings per year: $ 37
  1. Run your dishwasher and washing machine on a short cycle. If your dishes or clothes are not heavily soiled, this will be more than enough to keep them clean and will save water and heat. It also reduces the wear and tear on your clothes.
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 0.30
    Estimated savings per year: $ 110
  1. Replace your paper towels with absorbent rags. Keep a container under the sink to collect dirty rags or just toss them straight into the laundry basket. This eliminates the cost of paper towels.
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 0.40
    Estimated savings per year: $ 146
  1. Replace all of your normal household and grocery purchases with the branded version. Only switch back to the name brand if the private label really doesn’t work for you. If you keep even half of that, that’s a lot of savings.
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 2
    Estimated savings per year: $ 730
  1. Replace your daily latte at home with cold brew and a good milk jug. You can microwave the cold brew if you like it hot. You can buy cold brew coffee in the store, but you save even more if you make it yourself (it’s easy).
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 3.30
    Estimated savings per year: $ 1,205
  1. If eating out, ask for extra condiment packs. Keep the spices in a drawer in your home. If you need to use condiments, start with the condiment drawer. (Don’t open the packets in bottles – this offers no real benefit, takes time, and can cause the condiments to go bad.) Throw away any packets that you’ve accumulated after six months to ensure freshness . You will find that you buy a lot less things like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and hot sauce.
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 0.10
    Estimated savings per year: $ 37
  1. Buy clothes at Goodwill and other thrift stores. Finding something that works can save you a ton of money. If you don’t, you can still go to your normal business. The same trick works for things like dishes and small kitchen utensils.
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 0.25
    Estimated savings per year: $ 91
  1. First, buy books or movies from the library. If you can simply borrow the item from the library for free, you can view or read it. then Decide whether you want to own the item permanently. If you even save one book or movie purchase per month as a result, you will save a lot of money.
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 0.50
    Estimated savings per year: $ 183
  1. Buy heavily discounted foods and freeze them if you have freezer space. Frozen foods are great, of course, but this works for a lot of products such as fresh produce (most of which freeze wonderfully). In addition, a full freezer runs more efficiently than a half empty one.
    Estimated Savings Per Day: $ 1
    Estimated savings per year: $ 365

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